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A Job Interview You've come to the office today for an job interview. You start at the reception desk. Try your best to get the job!
Go to a Party? You are at school when you see your friend during a break. She seems very excited to talk to you! What will you do?
Talking with your Professor You come to your professor's office to discuss your grades. Find out what you need to do to improve!
Help a Coworker You are at the office. Your coworker asks you for assistance. Can you help him?
Going to the Hospital You are not feeling well and need to see a doctor. Can you make it?
Ordering at a Restaurant You visit an upscale restaurant. You need to order some food and a beverage. Can you handle it?
Getting Internet Service You've moved to a new home, but you need to get Internet service. You call a local Internet provider Verizone. Can you complete the call?
Meeting a Classmate You are going to class when you meet one of your classmates. Can reply when she greets you?
Finding an Apartment Recently you found an apartment you are interested in renting. Can you tell your friend about it?
Setting up a Bank Account You go to your local bank to set up a new bank account. You meet the bank manager to discuss opening the account and your initial deposit. Can you get it done?
Improving Your English You want to improve your English skills faster. You meet with your ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher to get some suggestions. Can he help you?
Making a Hotel Reservation You want to stay at the Private Paradise Hotel & Spa for a few days. You need to make a reservation in advance. Can you make the call and book a room?
Talking with Police You are witness to a crime. The police would like to talk with you at the scene. Can you handle it?
Computer Trouble Your coworker is having computer trouble. Can you help her?
Shopping for Clothes You go to a store to look around for some new clothes. Can anyone assist you?
Travel Plans You meet your friend at the travel agency. He seems very happy. What happened? Where do you think he is going?
Negotiating a Price You are at the car dealer. You've found a car you really like. Can you get it for the price you want?

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What is Virtual English Conversation?

Virtual English Conversation helps you to use English in a given context or situation that feels like real life.

I want to learn English, but how can this help me?

Learning to use English correctly in a given situation can be as big a challenge for ESL students as much as grammer, vocabulary, or pronunciation. Using English correctly in different situations requires cultural knowledge that makes sense for native speakers, but difficult for non-native speakers. For ESL students, Virtual Conversation practice can shed light on problem areas they would not recognize from typical English learning materials.

How do I do this?

Simply click one of the lessons and as you go along, click the answer you think is the best. Every response may be grammatically correct, but you want to choose which one is most appropriate. Your goal is to complete the conversation.

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